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I would like to share with you that I have uncovered my passion for sewing in the 70s while living in the Soviet Union. Resources were scarce at that time and to help my family I started knitting winter sweaters for nearby neighbors and people around our community. I remember, the cold and crisp soviet days during the wintertime - it would take me a full day to sew one sweater - all made by hand and with no shortcuts. The quality was the best I could provide, and the craftsmanship was getting better with time. Those winter sweaters became very popular, that before I noticed I had to spend more time knitting than doing anything else. At some point I quit. I felt tired about doing the same thing over and over - there was no more enjoyment and fulfillment in sewing winter sweaters. It was the right thing for me to do back then.

​Twenty years before today, I have endured a period of emptiness in my life. Just felt like I did not know which direction to take, where to go? - It was then that my eldest daughter suggested I should try to embroider with beads. Without her initial push, I would not have realized there was still some joy left in sewing for me! It was a decisive turning point in my life.

At first, I read articles and watched videos. Back in those days, few were engaged in beading and there was little material available. I learned how to sew beads to fabric. Most of all, I liked the old method of Russian craftswomen. And then I began to wonder - what should I embroider? - That question enlightened me with fine perspective to pave the guiding principles of Emeleeva design - The whole world began to open in front of me!

It turned out that for a long time, beads were embroidered, woven, decorated in every corner of the Earth. From Africa, Asia to South and North Americas, Australia, and Europe. And this world of allure became my own too!

After all, you can get great pleasure from looking at the works of masters of their craft. The more I got acquainted with the methods of their work, the more I wanted to craft beauty as well.

The world of embroidery is infinitely diverse...

The wonders of old Russian embroidery with pearls and stones, clothes of African leaders completely trimmed with beads, clothes and utensils of North American Indians, the finest beaded embroidery of European craftswomen... endless possibilities!

Throughout most of my life I have lived in Central Asia, and of course I have absorbed its eccentric cultures - The brightest embroidery, silk fabrics, the finest ornaments of buildings. All this reflects the colorful sunny world of Asia.

Through my art, I share with you my admiration for the delicacy and charm of our unique world - To look at it with cheerful eyes, to reverence its unique wonders, allow me to embrace each creation with deep sentiment and introspection – a heartfelt invitation for an expedition replenished with aspirations and inspirations.

I believe we are all individually created. I welcome you to a journey of a month-time where uniqueness is created, just like your own!

Warmest regards,

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Elmira Emeleeva

Founder & Head Designer

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