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We shape inspiring moments through art in the form of handbags. Each item is unique and without any replica – all handsewn consisting of a refined artistry during a month-time. Every art being contemplated, designed and executed by our Founder & Head Designer Elmira, combining a plurality of perspectives from the artist, expressed through her unique double stitching embroidery technique, hence, "One month crafting Uniqueness, just like yours."


At Emeleeva, we are constantly gathering inspiring moments while crafting each item. We believe those moments should be kept and passed on to the next person who chooses to acquire the respective piece, thus, we have developed our own wooden chest with our laser-tagged name on to be its bearer! – Your item will be fully packed and placed inside this inspired chest, so we are all reassured your Emeleeva masterpiece is delivered in the best protected way possible all the way into your hands.

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Our satin drawstring bag ensures the primary conservation of your Emeleeva bag. It is also a handmade feature that carries our brand name on and can be further utilized to either keep your Emeleeva item properly stowed or as side bag for storing fine materials. Inside each Emeleeva bag also comes with a hand-sewed, textile-stuffed pillow to maintain the original structure of the bag while unused.


Our chains are handpicked and rigorously selected. We currently offer with our bags fine metal curb chains either in gold- or nickel-plated colors. They come with detachable hooks on both ends that allow you to use your bag the way you see fit! - Most of Emeleeva handbags come with a detachable chain option, unless a few that have a specific shoulder strap embroidered altogether like our Red Pill, Blue Sapphire and Snow Leopard models.

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We combine all the above to bring you a remarkable experience upon receiving an Emeleeva piece of art. Our items, if not in stock, take on average 30 days to be fully crafted from scratch. We also accommodate special requests such as tailor-made items on a pre-order basis. The pre-order falls into our normal production schedule respectively on a First In, First Out basis. We will be thrilled to share and inspire a customized treasure piece with you for your own private collection. Visit our Contact page and submit an inquiry to initiate a special request.

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